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Kennedy Space CenterLocated just east of Orlando is something far cooler than any old theme park- the home of America's Space Shuttle! The Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, has been the launch site for every manned U.S. space mission since the early 60s. Combine the NASA operations with a full-fledged spacecraft and all things space museum and you have the Kennedy Space Center visitor's complex- fascinating, fun and educational for the WHOLE family. It's a truly unique experience where you can tour NASA’s launch and landing facilities, meet actual astronauts and experience interactive simulators is what awaits you at the Kennedy Space Center.

Situated on a wildlife refuge 8 times the size of Manhattan, you'll need to take one of NASA's bus tours (included with your tour) in order to see the impressive facilities. Space ShipIncluded in the bus tour is a trip to see the massive launch pads, the expansive Vehicle Assembly Building (where the Space Shuttle is housed), and the Apollo/Saturn V Center where multimedia presentations, small-scale displays, the original Apollo command consoles and a huge 363-foot-long Saturn moon rocket that was never launched are part of an exhibit devoted to the Apollo lunar landing program. You can also view a piece of moon rock as well as a lunar rover trainer.

At the Visitor Complex, guests can interact with real astronauts including question answering and photo opportunities. Kids especially enjoy hearing tales of their experiences in space. Moon RoverThe space race also comes alive with exhibits containing the rockets of early space flight- Mercury, Gemini and Apollo where kids can climb into the capsules. It's here where the world’s largest collection of astronaut memorabilia teams with life-like astronaut training simulators for an interactive adventure. As you enter the Astronaut Adventure room, your interactive adventure begins; Simulate walking on the moon; experience four times the force of gravity in the G-Force Trainer; ride a rover over Martian terrain; or, coordinate a Space Shuttle landing.

Guests can enjoy numerous attractions like Kennedy Space Center's newest attraction, the Shuttle Launch Experience- a vertical ride designed to mimic the sights, sounds, feelings and excitement of a launch. Explorers of all ages can live the thrilling experience of NASA's Space Shuttle and a 17,500 MPH launch into orbit.


AstronautsGuests of all ages can also enjoy the Mad Mission to Mars, a live action stage show that explains the science of space exploration,. The exhibit is a crazy combination of wacky characters, high-tech humor and musical mayhem which transform you into an astronaut by using 3-D computer animation and stunning special effects.

In NASA Central, hear first had accounts from astronauts about their space travels or sit back and enjoy a 3-D IMAX adventure in one of the world's only back-to-back, five-story screened theaters. Kids will enjoy the 9-ton Constellation Sphere that appears to float on water as well as the play plaza and Play Dome's Space Shuttle/Space Station Gym.

Located on the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, many visitors to the Space Center find it's natural surroundings equally as unique as it's exhibits. AlligatorWhile on any of the bus tours from the main Visitor Complex to the Apollo V/Saturn Center, make sure to check for another of central Florida's biggest attractions: alligators. Living in shallow water creeks and marshes throughout the preserve, it's easy to spot them sunning on a hot day.

Included in the at least 15 species of endangered wildlife which currently reside on the Kennedy Space Center grounds are sea turtles, manatees and bald eagles. At least 5 active bald eagle nests have been sighted so be sure to ask your driver if there's one on his route for a bonus!

Rates are incredibly inexpensive at $192 per adult and $192 for children aged 3 to 9. Our Kennedy Space Center day trip includes your roundtrip transportation on a luxury motor coach and admission into the Kennedy Space Center. Whatís best? No parking fees at the theme parks, no car rental fees, no gas fees, no toll fees and NO driving 4 hours into an unknown city! What could be easier?

Here's what's included in your $192 fare:

  • Roundtrip transportation in luxury motor coaches from the South Florida area with onboard movies
  • The NASA tour including travel through the Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge
  • The NEW Shuttle Launch Experience
  • The Apollo / Saturn V Center
  • The U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame and astronaut training simulator

Here's what's NOT included in your fare:

  • Lunch, Dinner or Snacks (no drinks)
  • Additional local transportation to other locations not included in vacation package
  • Personal Souvenirs
  • Hotel accommodations

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